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December 2023 Newsletter


Bruce revealed! Spotlight on Brooks Rehab Aphasia Center, Jacksonville FL.

April 2022 Newsletter


Our presentation at Aphasia Access Leadership Summit. Shout out to Lansing friends, plus more.

December 2022 Newsletter


The secret of the success of our community. Shout out to our friends in Philly and more.

November 2022 Newsletter


Seminar highlights at ASHA, Voice of hope and useful tools.

November 2022 Newsletter


Welcome! Friends in California, plus music helps.

Extra! Extra!

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The Aphasia & Rehabilitation Outcomes (ARO) Lab at the University of Delaware researched post-stroke aphasia, a language impairment experienced by about 30% of stroke survivors. Aphasia impacts speech, understanding, reading, and writing, but not intelligence. It can be mild, moderate, or severe. Aphasia from stroke or other brain injury can improve with time, treatment, and determination. For more information, please visit us at
Check out the aphasia stories featuring PWA at the UD ARO Lab.
Please pass it along to your friends and family, or other people with aphasia.

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