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About Aphasia

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What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a language disorder due to a stroke, brain injury, brain tumor or surgery, brain infection or neurological disease. A person with aphasia (PWA) may have difficulty speaking, reading, writing, and understanding, but judgment and intelligence are intact - an invisible disability. No two people with aphasia are ever exactly alike and there is a range of various forms of aphasia. Definitions and the common types of aphasia link:

How common is aphasia?

It is more common than you may think:

It is common that people with aphasia:

How can you help with communication?

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  • Be patient and wait for a response.
  • Reduce background noise (TV, radio, other people).
  • Speak simply and directly to me.
  • Say one thing at a time.
  • Ask yes/no questions.
  • Write down key words (names, places, numbers).
  • Gesture, draw diagrams or pictures.
  • Relax and be natural.
  • Don’t pretend you understand.
  • Recap and check that you both understand.